Teaching Philosophy

Core Values

"All students

Why I teach

  • I teach to impact the lives of my students by helping them to become confident, self-motivating, lifelong learners that are prepared for life after school.
  • I teach for the opportunity to give back and be involved in the community in a positive way.
  • I teach for the excitement, energy, and creativity that occurs every day, both in the teaching and in the learning.


  • Personalize Instruction
  • Create engaging and authentic lessons
  • Use a variety of instruction
  • Create a safe, judgement-free classroom
  • 21st century teaching methods including instructional technology

My promise to students

  • Students will have personalized instruction based on their unique learning style.
  • Students will learn at their own pace.
  • Students will use creativity.
  • Students will be respected and valued.

My goals for students

  • To become lifelong learners with a love for learning.
  • To build confidence through success.
  • To become intrinsically motivated to persevere and learn.
  • To gain the necessary skills to succeed in the 21st century, global world.
  • To generate a passion for discovery.

Classroom Strategies I Utilize

  • Personalized instruction
  • Media driven
  • Inquiry-based instruction
  • Cooperative learning
  • Project-based learning
  • Higher order questioning
  • Instructional Strategies

Teaching 21st Century Skills

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Information, media and technology skills
  • Career and life skills

Teaching 21st Century Themes

  • Global awareness
  • Financial, economic, business and entrepreneurial literacy
  • Civic literacy
  • Health literacy
  • Environmental literacy